Logan & Northern Canal Piping & Pressurization Project

Project Summary

The Logan and Northern Canal Piping and Pressurization Project (LNCPPP) will pipe and pressurize irrigation water in the Logan and Northern Canal from 1500 North in North Logan to 4400 North, just north of Hyde Park.  Continuously fused High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) ranging from   12-inch to 34-inch will be buried in the canal.  Irrigation water will be pressurized to approximately 85 pounds per square inch in the pipeline, providing pressurized irrigation to all turnouts within project limits. 

Upon project completion, 500 million gallons of water will be conserved annually.  This is enough water to provide indoor water for the combined populations of North Logan and Hyde Park each year. The conserved water has the potential to increase flows in the Logan River and generate 314,500 KW hours of power, improve irrigation for agricultural crops, or a combination of both.  In addition, 177 irrigation booster pumps will be taken offline, providing a savings of 125,500 KW hours of power per year, enough to power over 13 homes annually. 

LNCPPP construction is scheduled to begin by fall 2015, with completion expected by spring 2016 prior to the beginning of the irrigation season.  Construction will primarily occur in the existing canal prescriptive easement, with minimal impacts to adjacent property owners.  If work is required outside of the easement, the project team will work with property owners to obtain temporary construction easements.  Fences along the canal are intended to remain intact unless they impede access for construction activities and post-project system maintenance.  Some tree removal and trimming will be necessary to construct the project and provide maintenance access to the new pipeline.  The project team will coordinate with property owners when fence modifications and tree removal are required. 

The project is funded by the Cache Highline Water Association (CHWA) and a grant from the Bureau of Reclamation.