Cache Water Restoration Project


In July 2009, a landslide occurred along a hillside adjacent to Canyon Road in the City of Logan in Cache County, Utah. As a result of the landslide, a section of the Logan and Northern canal, a locally managed irrigation canal, broke away. This landslide caused a breach of the canal, preventing water distribution and requiring the indefinite closure of a section of the canal. This closure affects other parts of the local irrigation water delivery system, resulting in the canal not delivering all water allocated to local water shareholders.

A Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the restoration of water service to shareholders of the Logan and Northern Irrigation Company was completed in 2011. Several agencies participated and are working closely to create a framework by which water delivery solutions can be implemented. The Cache Water Restoration Project seeks to manage the design and construction of measures to restore water to shareholders and provide safe and reliable water delivery solutions. 

Click here to view a map showing the EIS Preferred Alternative.

The project team will use this website and other methods to keep you informed as this project progresses.